Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where You Can Find Us

We gave everyone a small slip of paper at the Reunion letting you know where you could find us.  Well, that's changed a little too.  Keep in mind that, obviously, we still have this blog.  The FaceBook group is up and active and we've got the Shutterfly account.  However, due to a lack of followers we've closed the Twitter account.  So, if you're interested in us having a Twitter, let us know if you'd like to follow us and we'll consider re-opening a different (new) account.

If you don't know, or aren't sure, what Shutterfly is let me explain it a little bit.  Shutterfly is a site to store photos and updates, kinda like FaceBook.  The reason I (Alicia) chose Shutterfly instead of just uploading everything to FaceBook was the assurance that the photos would be safe just in case something happened elsewhere.  Now, if you sign up for Shutterfly, normally, you can get free prints of photos.  You can also order things like coffee mugs, mouse pads, and other little things from Shutterfly.  If you're not sure how to get to our account, just click HERE.  No, I don't work for Shutterfly but I do use it for personal photo storage and I've been nothing but happy with them.  You don't have to sign up for an account but it's a nice place to check out once in a while.

Anyway, yea, that's the little update that I have for now.  Of course, when there's more to update, I will do so here, and on FaceBook.

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