Monday, August 9, 2010

Less Than 5 Weeks

We're slowly running out of time until the reunion.  We need anyone who is planning on attending to send in an RSVP, either right here, or you can email us.  Our e-mail address is in the sidebar directly to the left, at the top.  Also, not many people have paid yet which means we're working off of funds from the previous reunion.  That won't be a problem, for now, but we really need you to either send in a payment (with a check) to Christie, or pay through Paypal as soon as possible.  For Christies address, email her (caustad AT  The instructions on how to pay through Paypal are also in the left sidebar, down toward the bottom of the page.  After August 28th (or at the door) the pricing goes from $10 a person up to $12 a person so be aware of that.

On a side note, I've been searching out other reunions on Facebook and Twitter, etc, and have noticed that the price we're charging is much lower than most.  I actually saw people being charged $60 just to attend their reunion, HOLY SMOKES!!

We're still looking for people to help collect information, but we're getting closer to finding people that we don't have info for.  If you know of anyone else willing to help, that would be fantastic.

For right now, I can't think of anything more important than getting in those RSVPs so please, please, please do so ASAP!!



  1. Pete and Tyra Leavitt will be attending, we sent in our payment through paypal...thank you!

  2. I think the reunion will be fun. I have a blog too: